E-franco Software 


  • Designed in client / server environment in Visual Basic for Oracle
  • Full web access
  • Access control through Tarantela, ensuring connection security
  • VPN and SSL security certificate (VeriSign)

Steps for Operation

  • Select or request
  • Fill out information
  • Submit and print document
  • Send form with support for review.


  • Document management
  • Administrative management
  • financial information
  • Statistics
  • Reports
  • Communication between users

Requirements for access:

  • Minimum 128 Kb Web access through a Java enabled browser
  • Computer with Windows XP or higher operating system and Internet access
  • Adobe Reader



After great efforts and technological development, E-Franco is born; software specialized in foreign trade operations.


Later this year the software is fully operational, it contains the proper technology to support, support and maintain the reliability of the stored information.


Proven the reliability of the operating system, the development of Project E-Franco begins.


A new approach in the system for inventory management is proposed in a client / server environment.