Seguridad Cadena de Suministro CERTIFICADO BASC

Seguridad Cadena de Suministro

BASC Certification

BASC Standards

Organizations do not operate in a vacuum; various parties may have a legitimate interest in an organization’s proposal for control and safety. These are, among others: employees, customers / suppliers, community, shareholders, contractors and government agencies.

The standard is designed for use by organizations of all sizes, regardless of the nature of their activities. It is anticipated that implementation is proportionate to the circumstances and needs of each individual organization.

Bureau Veritas S.A.

Global service company for testing, inspection and certification.

Bureau Veritas offers services and solutions to ensure that the assets of its customers, products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. In late 2012, the group has over 61,600 employees in more than 1,330 offices and laboratories in 140 countries.

In a vast number of areas, we are accredited to verify and give official acknowledgment (with a certificate) that our systems, products, human resources or assets comply with a specified requirement for which certification is demanded