We grow with passion and joy to generate increasing well-being.

Barranquilla’s Free Zone, pioneer in Colombia, with an area of over 10,700,000 ft² located in the heart of Baranquilla’s port, with an Interconnection Gate with Barranquilla’s Regional Port Authority becomes the only Free Zone in Colombia with a direct access to the Port-Zone allowing for agile and safe load access.

With its traditional industrial profile of goods and services; commercial, logistic and port-oriented; it is one of the industrial development poles of
Colombia’s Caribbean.

  • Dynamic trade
  • Great international projection
  • Oriented towards the generation of employment and foreign exchange for the country

This platform of high industrial management with free maritime and fluvial port is the place for the development of national and/or international companies benefiting from the Free Zone Regime in the search for growth and major competitiveness in national and/or international markets.

Barranquilla’s Free Zone has the capacity to rent areas for installation at truly competitive costs within the industrial market, with the adequate
infrastructure, technical assistance and integral security.

Likewise, looking to satisfy current and future users, Barranquilla’s Free Zone features a variety of services such as expert advice offered in an agile, trustworthy, efficient and accurate manner for the excellent development of your activities.

Objectives and Policies

SIG Policy

Establish within our policies the commitment to:

  • Satisfy the requirements of our costumers, legal and otherwise, serving in an agile, trustworthy and transparent manner, maximizing the profitability of our costumers with experience, security and infrastructure.
  • Raise environmental awareness in the development of our activities, in order to act accordingly, promote it and get it to our stakeholders.
  • Offer our workers optimal levels of physical and social well-being.
  • Take the best practices for integrated risk management, promoting and facilitating the development of skills of our staff.
  • Reject any practice or manifestation of criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, terrorism or contraband.
  • Continuously improve in all our processes.
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SIG Objectives

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase number of customers
  • Encourage compliance with the requirements associated with the provision of services.
  • Ensure the reliability of foreign trade operations.
  • Promote sustainable consumption.
  • Promote operational excellence.
  • Have the ideal human talent for the required moment.

Customer Satisfaction

We maximize the profitability of our costumers

Providing the best agile and transparent service

Operational Excellence

We do things well, and better every time

We always act honestly

Our commitment

Satisfy the requirements and needs of our costumers

We share our success

Types of Free Zones

Permanent Free Zones

All kinds of companies that develop industrial, service or trade activities.

Special Permanent Free Zones

A company licensed to develop industrial activities or services.

Transitory Free Zones

International (temporary) fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.